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Mindful Me Therapy

Mindful Me is a progressive adolescent counselling practice that connects with teens by keeping it real. They specialise in counselling  teenagers, emerging adults and families with a focus on authenticity and connection. 


In the re-brand of Mindful Me, I wanted to highlight the coming together of the proven and trusted therapy methodologies, with the

My biggest challenge with this branding was the conflicting target audience. It was a counselling practice for teenages, so it had to look young, approachable and cool, but had to attract professional 


The target market being inner-city creatives, we aimed to break down stereotypes of mental health through the way in which we brand the business. The Indigo Project is innovative and constantly challenging the industry with the issues and programs they present. So it was very important for me to reflect this in its modern design.

I was solely responsible in designing The Indigo Project's brand new, responsive website. Collaborating directly with a coder to create a website from scratch that integrated all the widgets and functionality needed, as well as giving the brand a modern and fresh web design. 

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