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Avant Garde ​


In my Honours year, I took part in a practice-led research project about Avant-Garde graphic design and how their processes can be translated into video art. Through my research of innovative video art and graphic design, I found they were both quite similar in practice. 


As part of my work I made an experimental video and a book in order to explore their relationship. This connection between the two works creates the basics for the project, exploring themes of Avant-Garde design, video manipulation and psychedelia. 


For my project, I chose use the organic form of Risograph Printing to produce my book. It's affordable, incredibly bright and includes an extremely hands-on making process resulting in the glitchy haze it creates. 

In referencing early Avant-Garde designers, I combined elements of collage, bold colours and heavy lines to create the psychedelic effect. 


I worked with paint and a marco lens to capture motion and fluidity in a psychedelic way, resulting in a mesmerising and disorientating effect.


The footage of the video then was heavy manipulated to include grain and glitch, symbolising the specific practice of Risograph Printing. Then the video work was being presented on a CRT TV monitor so the grain and glitch elements reference to early video art as well. 

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