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African Wildlife Photography Program

In March 2019, I was lucky enough to participate in a wildlife conservation program in South Africa. Meaning for 2 weeks we were living in the Kruger National Park and going out on game drives everyday to take photos of animals. 

Together with the researchers, we were able to work on the projects from African Impact in order to support the conservation of these endangered animals. I also created a Super 8 inspired short video depicting my travels.

Three Weeks in South Africa
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Behind the scenes

Having experiences of everything from falling asleep to the sounds of lions and hippos near our campsite, to our car getting bogged in the middle of the bush with no cell service. Getting circled by Hyneas in the middle of the night while shooting astrophotography, getting our breakfast stolen by monkeys. Countless 3am starts and some days without power and water,  I can home with a new appreciation for Wildlife photography and the great lengths we go to capture these incredible animals.